NOSTALGIA is something i wish i could pay for

+ it's something i can provide for you

through your images


small family standing by a lake, pregnant mama, dad and child

$375+tax USD


1 hour session

5 5x7 silk paper prints

one location

online, downloadable gallery

this session allots for up to 3 people

book small family



$450+tax USD

a love like yours deserves to be celebrated. it is the only one like it and it is special. every love story is unique in it's own way and being invited into this intimate piece of your lives is such a gift to me.

it deserves to be captured in such a special way. whether you're just in love and want to have timeless memories to look at when you're 2, 3, 5 years down the road. or maybe you're already engaged or married and have decided to do something different for date night and have something to look back on.. I got you.


2 hours

2 location

2 outfits

8 5x7 silk paper prints

outfit + styling consultation

online, downloadable gallery

book couples session


$375+tax USD


One of the most beautiful things I've been able to witness + capture. The female body is incredibly powerful. Women are the ultimate portal.

Celebrate your body + your baby for carrying you through in order to create + bring life into the world.


1-2 hours

1 location

3 outfits

3 8x12 silk paper prints

outfit + styling consultation


online, downloadable gallery

book maternity session


$375+tax USD

From belly's to birthdays, there are so many important milestones.

There is an undeniable magick in children and what they can teach the world by just being + growing.

I like to keep my newborn sessions as relaxed as possible.

Whether we're in a studio, outdoors or in home for a first 48.


1-2 hours

1 location

3 8x12 silk paper prints

outfit + styling consultation

online, downloadable gallery

book Newborn session


$700+tax USD

For the mama who wants to combine it all into one- this is for you. there is alot to think about during pregnancy and when your baby is going to come. Documenting the special time shouldn't be one of those things.

let me take care of the planning and hard stuff for you.

these are two of the most transformational times in your life.

they should not go forgotten or missed.


1-2 hours

1 location

3 outfits

3 8x12 silk paper prints

outfit + styling consultation


online, downloadable gallery

book Maternity + Newborn session


$350+tax USD


I call these Soul Sessions because when you build a business, or change your life, or find yourself on a new path.. a piece of your soul goes into it. I know because I've been there! No matter what that looks like for you- I will capture the entirety of it. The details, the journey, the process... you.

I know that so much has gone into this process.

Having photo anchors that bring you back into yourself is empowering.

1 Hour

1 Location

Up to 3 Outfits

Online, Downloadable Gallery



Engagements, Weddings & Elopements

bride and groom embracing each other, brides hand on grooms head, foreheads touching



Starting at $1,800

Yay!! You're getting married!!

& documenting it is SO important!

There will never be another day like this one and I want you to feel completely supported and hear on all of your specific wants + needs to make this day unique and maybe even more than what you dreamt of.



Starting at $1,500

The best thing to become popular out of 2020... amiright?!

Watching couples around the world take control of this day and do something completely different than everyone else has done meanwhile not letting the weight of the world tell them to stop. This has stayed and I am here for it, 100%.

So let's do this!

I want to elope!



Starting at $450

Congratulations!! Being engaged is so much fun. Have you gone out for the free desserts and things yet?! That was my favorite thing to do when freshly engaged and yes, it's actually a thing!

Anyways, you've probably already done a soft announcement maybe to your friends or on social media. Or maybe you haven't and you want to use these photos to do so.. so let's get to planning!

Thia session is included in select wedding packages.

Let's shoot!

if you've made it this far, i applaud you!

what happens now?

a basic rundown of how i will handle your unique inquiry...




Sign the contract + I'm yours!

Fill out my contact form

Brunch date?

Let's Hangout!

This form is located on my contact page, here.

It helps me in getting to know what your wants + needs are. As I've mentioned- your story is important to me. Getting in touch is important to me. Learning about you is important to me.

Because what I do can be very intimate, it's crucial to me to schedule some sort of call or meetup. Whether via zoom, FaceTime or in person.

Energy connection, in my opinion, is essential when it comes to me pointing a lens at you and entering your space.

Oftentimes, planning a session starts to happen before any signatures or money are exchanged. I do this to get a full scope of what our time together will include.

After you sign though, expect random texts of excitement, funny GIFS and lots of connection from me. Every detail matters.

Ahhhh! The part we have been anticipating! It's shoot day!

By now, we're probably pretty comfortable with each other and have mapped out everything about this day.

So relax and let me do the rest!

I like to think of my sessions as a time to connect with whomever is in the photos with you and to connect to yourself. Nothing forced. We hangout, I document.

My clients say:

"Tia's creative work has shown me sides of who I am that I hadn't seen before. A new perspective that captured more than my physical body, but my essence."

"We loved having Tia coming into our home and taking pictures of our newborn!"

I don't know how she weaves this magic! I'm uncomfortable in front of a camera, I become shy and dorky. Not knowing what to do or how to pose. Tia gives subtle suggestions and allows your beauty to unfold. Capturing unique candid and emotional moments, and her branding photo session brought forward a facet of me that I can now share on my website and social media. The photos showcase my personality and my beauty. Something that can be hard for women to embrace considering the beauty standards we see today. Tia's photography shows your souls beauty. Highly reccomend a session with her!

We loved all the photos! She’s super sweet and helped us relax really quickly. We highly recommend her for your special occasion!

- The Beccera Family

[newborn session]

“To begin with my experiences with Tia, they have been nothing short of amazing. She has shot my anniversary’s, my marriage proposal, and even my wedding."

I have no doubt she will be the photographer I use for future life events to come as well. For those who have had the privilege of Tia being behind the camera for them, you can also attest that she makes every moment so comfortable for you during the couple of hours she is capturing such special moments. Every photoshoot is complete with so many laughs and memories and she is truly the only photographer I trust whole heartedly to capture the moments she knows I want to remember. That’s the most special thing about her service: she listens to your ideas, implements her own thoughts of what would look best and delivers the most beautifully shot “natural” moments you could want. My husband and I absolutely adore Tia and highly recommend her for your photoshoot.


- Vivianna Severance

[branding session]

"I can not speak more highly of Tia as a photographer! She has taken my photos for years from boudoir, family photos, to my adventure elopement."

She is so versatile with her abilities behind a camera and captures the essence of the moment to the depths of it's core. Her dedication to making your day (whatever it may be) special is unmatched. The attention to detail whether it was fixing small strands of my hair, adjusting my ring, or battling through adverse weather to get the shot is incredible. If you want to get the full package and have raw, emotional photos to cherish forever, Tia is your girl. Thanks for all you have done behind the lense, I couldn't recommend you enough.

"I couldn't be more happy with how my photos turned out."

Tia is amazing at what she does. I booked a 3hr branding session with her and it was nothing less than amazing and magical! She captured the imagine I wanted perfectly. The whole session was fun and went by really fast. I can't wait to book more sessions with her in the future! I 100% recommend her for any type of photoshoot and fully trust her with my business's image.

- Katelyn Phillips


- Tawnee Thorson


- Caitie Ruiz

[branding session]

creating images that bring you nostalgia, take you back in time, provoke emotion + tell your story