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I'm a photographer, but my purpose is to create + hold space for others in moments that mean the most to them.

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How did I get into photography?


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Creating is something I've been doing since a child...

I have been creating things since I can remember. I would make bracelets, play with paints and oil pastels, and coloring books were a fan favorite. my activities were never for a reason. They were always just because. I come from divorced parents so being an only child at my moms, I had to find ways to entertain myself and learn new things. The arts always called to me. In school, I didn't care much to be a scholar. teachers called me their "social butterfly" and I cared more about making dances for my friends and I than I did my schoolwork.

It finds a way to encapsulate yet simultaneously release our emotions.

As I mentioned, I was a dancer. It started in grade school, creating dances just for fun. Then I took my creativity to be in the talent show and to go on to be on the dance team for two years in high school. Dance has had an immense impact on the way I see people and the way I hold a camera. Often times, you will hear me prompting my couples to dance. Whether its twirling your lover like a couple of ballroom dancers or crumping like you're from the streets, I think movement is fucking beautiful.

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When someone comes across my page, I want them to know they are getting ME.

No automations, no slimy generated texts. It's always me behind the other screen reading your stories + taking in what it will be like to capture it.

so much goes into my process of working with you, I couldn't imagine leaving it in the hands of someone else.

The same goes with editing your images. I don't outsource because I was the one there taking the photos, taking in the emotion.

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Passion brought to life, from death.

Quit my 9-5 to become a full-time photographer.





Moving through trauma, learning a new version of myself, being in love.

High school, amateur photographer

Learning solely through trial + error





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