My love for taking photos spans


just clicking a button

because your photos span beyond just being in them.
my love for being your photographer goes to my core.
i take it personally.

i love being your photographer because i love being let in.
i love being let in because it continuously reminds me that no story is the same. that no two people are the same.
i am humbled every single time.

my purpose as your photographer is to create + hold space for you in moments that mean the most.

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Let's Connect

so I'm teaching the generations after me

because i never want to forget the way my nephew yelled into and fell asleep on my chest

How did I get into photography?

I've been playing with cameras since I was a kid. Disposables filled my room. I remember feeling like I didn't want to forget those little things in my life at that time. Pictures of trees outside, our dogs around the yard, my papa with his beard tied in rubber bands. There was not much I didn't capture.

As I grew, the interest faded. I got into school. Friends and what I had going on was more important. Up until around my junior year. My dad had a nice Canon Rebel T3i at the time. The interest was sparked again. Dad gave me his camera and there I was all over again, taking photos of e v e r y t h i n g. His words were, "If I give you this camera, you better do something with it!"

I continued for awhile and then it fizzled again.

Fast forward to 2015, I got the call that my dad had unexpectedly passed away. When dealing with everything, I couldn't look past the fact that my dad and I had very few photos together as a teenager and in early adulthood. Those words he spoke rang in my head like a loud bell. It became my mission, to be the one to capture those important moments + people, for others.




marketing manager


social media manager

When someone comes across my page, I want them to know they are getting ME.

so much goes into my process of working with you, I couldn't imagine leaving it in the hands of someone else.

The same goes with editing your images. I don't outsource because I was the one there taking the photos, taking in the emotion.

No automations, no slimy generated texts. It's always me behind the other screen reading your stories + taking in what it will be like to capture it.