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not sure what to wear?

you're in luck!

while I'm no fashion major- I know what looks good as far as different locations + showing your personality.

gone are the days of sharing Pinterest inspo.

here are the days of curating your own board based off of your style, feeling you want the images to provoke and your special location.

with my help!

This is you, now…

colors + comfortability

let's look at + talk colors

Because so much of my inspiration when shooting comes from nature and the outdoors, I am obsessed with neutral color tones.

The mustard yellows, olive greens, burgundy reds and deep, royal blues. Of course I love color-play. I love mixing outfit colors to colors of the scenery we'll be shooting in but if you felt like mixing those mustard yellows with pops of turquoise, it would look fabulous.

My suggestion is, steer clear of bright, neon colors unless the type of shoot calls for it (mainly branding sessions).

If you're trying to choose between those new jeans you've only worn once or those super comfy joggers you love and have worn more times than you can count, pick the joggers.

I know those jeans might make your butt look really nice, but can you sit in them on the ground for 10 minutes and still be comfortable? No? You're less likely to be stressed out or upset about those jeans just not bending properly or those shoes squeezing just a little too tight.

This means more focus on each other. I'd advise to go with the most comfortable items you have that are somewhat fashionable and still really represent you that you can move and have fun in!

patterns vs. textures

patterns? nah. textures? y e s .

Typically, I don't vote for patterns. Especially not double patterns if more than one person in the session. For example, a printed flowery dress paired with plain clothing on the other looks amazing! Patterns being worn on multiple people clash. If your background is a bit noisy, they'll clash even more. Use patterns if you're backdrop is plain.

These can be anything from flowers to matching hats. Maybe you have a sentimental piece of jewelry you want to make sure is captured. Your pup can even count as your accessory! Just be sure to bring along someone extra that your pup loves for when they are done with photos.

Sometimes something as simple as adding a jean jacket or cardigan to your outfit can make the different in the cutes outfit "change". You don't have to have accessories, but they're always fun and you can incorporate some of your most treasured items.

time for an outfit change or two?

Locations aren't always bathroom or change room friendly, so keep that in mind!

If you're comfortable changing in your car, that is usually your best bet!

If you're unsure, send me a photo of what you're thinking. I will brainstorm with you!

Hair + Makeup

In Home Sessions

We both can agree we want you looking and feeling your best for your session, so when it comes to hair and makeup this is what I will say, "whatever makes you feel like you're the queen walking into a room". If that means going and getting your hair and makeup all done, then do it! If that means slapping on one coat of mascara and throwing your hair in a cute up-do, do that!

When shooting in home, everything you've read up til now is true, except I always say the more skin showing, the better! You're in your home, so get comfy! I always tell my clients to act like I'm not even there. I know I walk around my house with no pants on, so if you do too, then do it!

If you do decide to get your hair and makeup done, I advise doing so a couple hours before our session. A, so that you can be sure you're happy with how it looks and b, so that you're sure you won't be late to your session in the event you don't love it. Also, I'm pretty pale, so if you're like me and like being tan for photos I recommend getting something super natural and also a couple days before our session so any marks or orange-ness washes off.

In home sessions are especially meant to be all about you, in your home, doing what you love. This can be you + your partner, you with your children, the whole family surrounding the newborn.. whatever it may be, make it comfy.

Bada bing, bada boom!

You made it through!

I know that was a lot of information to take in so just refer back to it when needed. If you're still completely lost, go ahead and shoot me a text or a picture of what you've got in mind and we can brainstorm together!

I love helping my clients pick out outfits because it lets me see more into your style and personality and it's just one more reason for us to chat and get to know each other!

You just do what makes you comfortable and your session will rock, I promise!