So here's the fit...

They say life isn't a fashion show... which is exactly why your session should be. I mean, why not have some fun with it? Of course, comfortably. If that means wearing dinosaur costumes, by all means, do it! Besides, when it comes down to it, the emotion in the images of you being entirely yourself, is what is going to draw you and others into the image for years to come. I've created these guidelines to help you out here and there. Honestly, I am 98% of the time in leggings, a t-shirt and my birks so I'd be willing to bet your fashion sense is much better than mine, this is just a guideline! Please don't feel like if you don't follow these that your images are going to suck, that's totally not the case, haha. The most important thing is that these images represent who you are right now, 20 years down the road. It's not about the clothing, it's about the passion.

In Home Sessions

When shooting in home, all of the above is true, except I always say the more skin showing, the better! No, I don’t mean roll around naked with each other.. but you’re in your home, so get comfy! I always tell my clients to act like I’m not even there. I know I walk around my house with no pants on, so if you do too, then do it!