This birthday celebration was something out of a fairytale. Brandi and Naveen carried the most calming energy with them when they showed up for their session. Coming from the hustle and bustle of San Diego to the serene Sage area of Southern California. We started in the intimate boudoir room before moving to the outdoors to become more acquainted. I wanted the two to be as comfortable as could be.

This would be Brandi’s 37th birthday festivity in which she described as a pivotal year for her. Neither of us could wait to get started on her birthday celebration. I could tell Brandi was a special woman by the way she was celebrating herself.

YES QUEEN!! Revel in your magnificent age!!

Birthday celebration sessions always set my soul on fire and I think anyone and everyone should do it at least once. Heck, maybe even make it a yearly festivity! Here you have a woman who, I’m sure, has had plenty of ups and downs in life- making a stand in her life and documenting it! I have no doubt with all of the fun things going on in her life right now, that it will be nothing short of pivotal for her and her supportive lover, Naveen.

Two yogi’s who have fallen in love! They met at the yoga studio and the rest was history! And might I add how freakin adorable they are together?!! I mean seriously. Naveen resembles Aladdin and Brandi, with her Rapunzel hair.. ready to take on the world! They could create a new Disney love story to make everyone swoon over! If you don't believe me, go check out their gallery. It's SO GOOD you'll be itching to book a birthday celebration with me for your next trip around the sun!

Let's do it!!