What should I wear?

I've created an easy guide to help create a look for anyone. Anniversary photos? No problem. Branding? I've got advice for that too! You receive this goodie after booking with me.

Do we receive digital images? How does it work?

Yes! Images are delivered in an online gallery that is available for one year with unlimited wed-sized downloads that you can use all over your social media and/or website!

Do you travel?

I love traveling and getting to explore new places. I have always felt like everywhere I've already been- has been a place of home that I'm always searching for. So show me where you call home! Or maybe where you'd like to!

Where should we have our session?

I know of some really sweet spots but I'm always up for going somewhere new. If there is somewhere that you guys go often, where you are comfortable- let's go there! I don't think the location matters as much as the emotion it brings.

Can I bring my dog?

Heck yeah!! I love dogs. Mine is a wild animal who never sits still and somehow I still manage to get snaps of him! Bring your pup. They are apart of your everyday life. You won't regret it.

P.s, if you do decide to do this, make sure you bring a friend or someone extra that your pup trusts. That way, when he/she has had enough, that person can take them away.

How will I receive my images? Are prints included?

Once our session is over and I have carefully handpicked your best images, I will send you a private link to view, share and purchase prints, albums, etc.!

You will also receive prints depending. How many will depend on which package you have chosen. Every one of my packages comes with prints. They are incredibly important to me so it’s incredibly important that you receive them!!