Top 5 Photo Apps

#1 Lightroom

If you're an avid photo taker- you probably have heard of this or already use it. If you don't, let me tell you- it's a game changer! You can organize all of your images by folders which makes them so much easier to locate for future use! Not only that, so many actual photographers sell Lightroom Mobile presets that you can buy for cheap, import and use right away! You can share to all of your platforms straight from the app as well which makes getting content out quick and painless!

The link below will take you to the Adobe website. From there you can navigate to the free trial to start using on your phone. Or, you can go straight to your app store and download it there!

#2 Tezza

This app is super user friendly and for the free version, you get quite a bit of presets! Ones that you can also use on video which I think is so fun! I use this app if I don't want to really think about an edit and just slap something pretty on a photo. Let's be real, even photographers need a quick fix sometimes!! Majority of these presets are more on the bright and airy side of editing but you can always bring down the brightness of the photo which will help if you want more of a moody look. That part is up to you! There are also some collage builders within the app if you're looking for an all in one.


You've heard the term "VSCO Girl", right? Well, here is where it comes from! Girls all over the world have used this app to edit their VSCO and IG feeds. It's pretty trendy! There are a TON of presets you can use on your photos and in my opinion, VSCO is better than Tezza when it comes to changing the lighting of your photo. VSCO is a lot like Instagram when it comes to having a feed and sharing photos with the world. They have their own sharing platform that I have actually got a lot of inspiration from. There is also a short, almost slow motion, video option that you can use and I am a big fan. It's almost like an old film slow-mo. Check it out!

#4 Unfold

This app is for creating collages and Instagram stories with ease and aesthetic. All of their templates are super clean and easy to use. You can add photo AND video to the spaces in the templates for a versatile story that your followers will love. Honestly, I've had so many people ask me how I get my stories setup so nicely. This is it. You've got my secret now! Super simple, super cool.

#5 Over

Over is similar to Unfold in the way that you can create versatile, creative stories and posts. However, this app gives you a bit more freedom because you can create from a completely blank canvas. Not only that, Over give you sizing guides for the kind of post you're trying to create. Whether a simple IG post, a story, a mockup of product and soooo much more. Seriously, this app does it all. Well, the paid version does, haha. I use the free version to create mood boards for myself and clients. As well as to create different Instagram stories.