If you've never had photos done before, it can be very nerve wracking. That's why we're here! Meaning you and me if you're a photographer reading this... And meaning you if you're a client/future client wondering how I combat this! No more freezing upon meeting your consumer. Learn to serve their well-being before you even meet!

I remember when I first started taking photos. Talking to clients gave me so much anxiety, I'd show up to a shoot, be awkward af and not say anything. Just snapping away photos. Good job, Tia, way to make it that much more awkward! What didn't help in my communications was that I was working with all the people I had already known a long time. You know, free shoots with friends to get your name out there.... Don't get me wrong, I couldn't be more thankful for the people who helped me build from the ground up.

What I'm saying is: Learn from my mistakes!! Get comfy with your clients!!


This created so much distance between myself and the comsumer I was creating + documenting memories for. Questions would arise and I would not have the answers or even worse, I'd get frustrated that they didnt already know the answers. Like they're supposed to read my mind or something. Have you been here? 

I found, the more questions I asked, the more open and comfortable they became. I noticed the topics that made them tense and the ones they talked about freely. 

Notice the places they're spending the most time at and what they do while there to bring up later as an interest in their life, not only their shoot and the money they're spending. After all, it's not about the money. 

Start making sure you have their phone numbers so you can randomly send them funny GIFS or photos and sneak peeks of their session. 

Start asking what they expected out of your time together.

I shifted to make it more about who I was creating with and less about what I was creating.


Once I started making these adjustments, the sessions became more and more like friends hangin out than a stranger trying to get to know my buyer. So if you're struggling, I hope this helps you get comfy with your clients for a smooth sailing session!