It's so easy to get caught up in what people might think of your photo or caption. I know this because I do it. Losing yourself in thinking someone might not resonate with what you're sharing is pointless and let me tell you why... 1. People are going to judge NO MATTER WHAT. 2. There will ALWAYS be someone on your page that resonates with you or has had similar experiences. That's it. Those are my reasons why it's pointless. Simple.  Now, what you need to remember is that there is only ONE person with your experiences and thoughts. Surprise! That person is Y O U. Sharing your experiences with the world is what brings us closer to one another. Sharing feelings, thoughts and ideas is something the world has benefitted off of for century's. Sure, there's a lot more eyes on those thoughts and creations now with social media. Why should that stop you? I think if anything, it should be exciting to get your thoughts out into the world and in front of eyes to help or inspire! Think of how many people you could be reaching that are YOUR people.  When I feel like I'm getting lost in that hole of self judgement before I post, I remind myself of those two things. It has got me out of my own way more times that you can imagine and I hope it can help you to do the same. If you've come across this and you still need some motivation, FEEL FREE to DM me and let me hype you up. It's one of my favorite things to do. Just scroll down below to my latest Instagram post and go for it!  I know I said everyone will judge no matter what... I wasn't referring to myself so SEND IT!