How I use procreate to edit photos

Lightroom and photoshop are great, but what if you could deliver photos to clients that have a different wow factor.

Photos that are different from what you see in your every gallery…

With procreate, it’s possible!

I always start with my regular editing flow and edit the image as I would, nothing extra. Then, I will save certain photos that harness motion or another focal point and I save those to my iCloud for use on my iPad. Or I’ll just airdrop them over, either way.

My favorite tool is the perspective blur. It has a way of pushing the outer edges of an image into a blur that moves them away from the focal point, depending on where you point it.

The second one that I often use is the motion blur. Which is what I used on the main picture of this blog.

Her dress was being flown around her as she was spinning and while I could have slowed my shutter down, I didn’t want her feet blurry and I knew I could adjust in post processing.

So I used the motion blur and made brush strokes in the same way the dress was flowing and wa-la!

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