Night Sessions

Designed around night owls & moon lovers alike.

This is something I have been thinking about doing for some time now. I've never seen people do it before and thought- why not?! I have always been a night owl. Obsessed with staying up late and sleeping in, that is until I got into the real world, haha. There is something so enchanting to me about the night. The world is quiet, animals are out hunting.. Where I come from, we can see a sky full of stars at night. We can listen to the owls hoot and the wind rustle in the leaves. I'm enticed by the moon- I follow it's cycles. So I will always know when there's a full moon to book your session on for some extra magick. My inspiration for these shoots...

Baby Layla's Maternity

The day came that my best friend finally got a baby belly and not a food baby like we always have!! So of course, I was doing her maternity photos. We scheduled them for a later time.. I think 4:30. I knew the sun would be going down but my low-light capabilities on my camera are pretty great so I wasn’t worried. We started to shoot and the full moon and backdrop of the mountain terrain could honestly not have been more gorgeous. My mind was running wild. As it got darker and darker, I knew I was going to have to whip out the flash. We continued to shoot and let me tell you, I couldn’t have been more satisfied as a photographer and from their responses, they couldn’t have been happier as my clients and friends. 


Kauai Goddesses

Layla’s Maternity wasn’t the first session where I have been nudged with this idea either. As majority of my supporters/followers know, I shoot for retreats a lot during the year as well. Two years ago I was in Kauai on one of those retreats. For every one, we have what is called our “goddess night” on the second to last, or last night we’re there. All the women get dressed up in outfits that make them feel like, you guessed it- goddesses!! Well, this time, we ran out of time for majority of our portraits! Not only that- it started raining!! I wasn’t going to let the girls go without having their photos done. Not on my watch! So I strapped up with my light and water gear and we got out there!