sage sessions

a sage is a mentor.

a mentor is a wise + trusted guide and advisor

i am only here to guide + advise you


it's not a one and done type of deal.

i'll teach you how to get the mose out of your camera, not your lens.

You don't have to have the best camera on the market and even more than that- you don't have to have the best lens either! Contrary to popular belief or hoo-rah when you get into photography, the lens is not what makes your photos pretty or even good for that matter.

Sure, you might get a good one every once in awhile with a nice blurry background. But are you able to nail that shot every single time without even thinking about it... AND shooting in manual mode?

Sage Sessions are for you if:

Want to learn more about your camera + it's functions

There is so much beyond using your camera on Auto for everything. No more relying on your camera to capture what your eyes are seeing. You have control.

want to have intention behind your photos

These days, anyone can take an ok photo with an iPhone. Learn how to set yours apart with eye catching photos that have meaning + thought behind them using light.

want to take your skills + passion to the next level

Whether it's humans or landscape, your photos shouldn't be something that gets stored away and never looked at again. Learn how to elevate your photos to showcase something you are proud of.

sign me up!

What You'll Get:


weeks of 1:1 mentoring


homework ASSIGNMENTS to practice your skill

During these 3 weeks I am at your disposal for knowledge, tips + tricks.


zooms per week

Each zoom curated to your specific camera model. Lessons on how to fully operate your camera on your own.


styled shoot to work alongside me

i want this


will i be able to take clients when i'm done with this?

does this mean i'm going to be hired to work with you?

I would love to say, yes! However, if you're just starting out, my best advice is to take this as well as additional courses to learn all that you possibly can.

I am only one teacher and what I may cover, may be different than another.

Take clients when you feel comfortable.

Not exactly. You are hiring me to teach you how to obtain additional skills with your specific body camera type.

do i get a certificate when i am done?

how did you learn about photography + business?

I am 100% self taught. Everything you learn from me is something I either paid to learn from someone else or learned along the way by trial and error. Oh, and a little bit of YouTube.

Nothing I learned was from a school or professional so I taught myself to be the professional in my regards to my niche.


I will provide you a special certificate to show you have completed Sage Sessions and what that entails. Remember though, because I am not a "licensed professional" with a degree in photography it is not something you should use in any legal matter.

You make yourself the professional when you gain the skill, get comfortable and take control. On top of getting the business license + registration and those fun things, ya know.

i want to do this